Master’s Degree in Poland: Requirements and Application

Master's Degree in Poland

Poland is a country in Central Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine and Belarus to the east; and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast, and Lithuania to the north.

The capital city is Warsaw, with a population of approximately one million people. Poland is a great country to study. It’s safe, it has a lot of cultural activities, and there are many scholarships available. The schools in Poland are also very good.

The tuition fees for the universities are very low compared to other European countries, so there is no need for you to worry about paying high school or university tuition costs. You can find cheap accommodation as well, which will help you save money when studying in Poland.

If you want to study abroad, a Master’s degree in Poland can be the best choice. You can receive an affordable education from a top-notch institution by choosing to study in Poland. Poland also offers a wide variety of English language programs for every budget. It implies that you can spend time learning about everything, including law, engineering, and even IT, business, and economics. You can additionally check out Master’s Study in Singapore: Requirements and Application.

Application Requirements for  Master’s Degree in Poland

The majority of master’s programs at Polish universities have a May 1st application deadline. If you intend to apply for a program, contact your university immediately to get the precise deadline and carefully follow the guidelines on their website.

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In order to pursue a Master’s degree in Poland, you must fulfil a number of prerequisites. A bachelor’s degree from an approved university is the first requirement. Before submitting an application for a master’s program, you must complete your undergraduate studies if you don’t already have one. Along with your application form and fee payment, you must also provide supporting documents, such as copies of your diplomas and transcripts from all prior institutions attended. Third, you must provide evidence of your English language proficiency.

Language Requirements for Master’s Degree in Poland

The level of Polish language proficiency required varies by faculty and institution. For instance, some universities have more stringent Polish language requirements than others. Check their website or inquire directly when applying to find out if your chosen university requires you to take one of these exams.

However, certain colleges offer Master’s degrees in English, like the University of Warsaw. Proof of fluency in Polish is not required from applicants.

Don’t forget to demonstrate your English skills by taking one of the Accredited English examinations, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. IELTS score of at least 6 or a TOEFL score of at least 72 would be acceptable.

Steps on How to Apply for Master’s Program in Poland

It could seem daunting and difficult to enrol in a university in Poland, but don’t panic, rather, adhere to these guidelines to begin your adventure right today.

1. Apply to a university

Suppose you’re interested in taking a Master’s program in Poland. Finding a university that offers the degree you want to study is the first step in this scenario.

You must use their online application process after choosing which institutions, you will provide the kind of degree you wish to enrol in. You will also require your passport’s number, expiration date, and details regarding your financial situation (including any scholarships or grants).

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2. Wait for a decision from the school.

You must wait for the university to accept you, just like with any application process. Having to wait for months could be an option, so be prepared.

It’s time to start planning your living arrangements if you get accepted. You will need somewhere to reside while you’re in school, so check to see whether your university provides a dorm or anything comparable to where you may live on campus. You can also choose to stay off campus as well.

3. Submit an application for a student visa and a residency permit.

You must submit applications for a student visa and a residence permit in order to study in Poland. You can enter the nation and remain there while you are a student with a student visa. The residence permit will additionally allow you to continuously reside there.

The procedures for requesting these two documents are comparable: You’ll need to pay a fee, submit your application online, and supply supporting materials like criminal background checks. The last step is to show up with your passport and other necessary documentation at a Polish consulate or embassy so they can stamp your passport.

 4. Pay the tuition, fees, and insurance

The first-semester tuition and other costs must be paid next. You can once more speak with the university personally and inquire about their payment policy. Your total charges will be reflected on an invoice that you may pay online or by mailing a cheque to their address.

You will also be responsible for paying for your health insurance while residing in Poland in addition to tuition and fees. To do this, you can get an international health insurance policy from one of the several organizations that provide these services.
So let’s say you desire affordable tuition, a high standard of living, and outstanding education. Poland is the best option for you.

10 Best Universities to Obtain  Master’s Degree in Poland

Poland is a country that has a long history of providing quality education. Universities in Poland are ranked high in the world, and they offer some of the best master’s programs in Europe.

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The following are the best Polish universities that offer English-taught degrees and are ranked by their overall student satisfaction score and the amount of information available online.

Universities in Poland QS Rankings The University Rankings
University of Warsaw 394 601-800
Jagiellonian University 411 601-800
Warsaw University of Technology 601-650 1000+
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 801-1000 801-1000
AGH University of Science and Technology 801-1000 801-1000
Cracow University of Technology 801-1000 1000+
Lodz University of Technology 801-1000 1000+
Nicolaus Copernicus University 801-1000 1000+
Poznan University of Technology 801-1000 1000+
University of Gdansk 801-1000 1000+

Cost of Studying in Poland

Only local students are eligible for free tuition at Poland’s public universities. The universities charge tuition for students from outside Poland, which raises the cost of living in Poland for international students. Private universities exist as well, and the costs vary depending on the universities offering the courses. Compared to private institutions, public universities charge less, but admission is extremely competitive.

Courses Tuition Fees in Poland
Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Poland 2000 – 4000 Euro / Year
PhD 3000 Euro / Year
Medicine and MBA 8000 – 12000 Euro / Year
Vocational Studies 3000 Euro / Year
Language and Foundation Courses 2000 Euro / Year

This article on Master’s Degree in Poland is intended to be informative. For additional information about the cheapest institutions, universities with free tuition, and studying abroad, please visit the Study Abroad Page.

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