Major Online Admission Interview Questions And Answers

Admission interview questions and answers

Do you intend to study abroad? Are you seeking admission? Are you aware that you have to be conversant with the admission Interview Questions and answers? One of the difficulties student who wants to study abroad face is how to answer the university’s online admission interview questions.

The majority of students are scared of failing the interviews because they have no knowledge of how to answer the questions being asked.

We have carried out a survey and in these articles, I will be sharing the 10 most common questions of international admission online interviews. You can additionally check out the Best Online Jobs for College Students

The top 10 most common online admission interview questions and answers

1.) Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

This question scares the hell out of most students. This question requires you to be precise, short, and straightforward. The interviewer only wants to know your personal and academic background in a few words, here is a simple answer

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“Hello my name is …I am 22 years old, from Canada and I recently graduated from high school with a good result and I am hoping to further my studies at your college”

2.) What are the reasons you choose this particular program?

This is a question that requires your knowledge of the course of study or chosen program, your answer should be that you know and have a passion for the course/program. Here is a simple answer

“I have a passion for Chemical Engineering because I have always been captivated with energy, and will like to build a career path with a master in chemical Engineering “

3.) Do you have a favourite subject in high school, college, or university?

What are the subjects that you didn’t like at all? and Why? Here is a simple answer

” I do have a favourite subject, my favourite subject is mathematics and as a student, I aspire to excel in all my subjects. I will still choose mathematics again as my favourite subject because I see myself as a chemical engineering student and want to build my career through this path”

4.) How did you find out about our University?

This should be a simple question, tell the interviewer the source, explain the source just for informative purposes, this question may have little significance to your score.

5.) What do you know about Canada or Ottawa( country of choice)?

We all know that you can’t travel to a country without you knowing anything about it. It sounds like an easy question but it’s a bit difficult. You have to research the country you are travelling to, living cost, security, culture, food, language and etc. Your answers have to be short and direct. Here is a simple answer.

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“Ottawa is the capital of Canada, it is near the city of Montréal and the U.S border. It has an estimated population of 950,000, the common language is English and French”

6.) Why did you decide to study in North America or Ottawa, Canada?

You should personally have your own answer to this question even if we promise to provide you with the best information. You should have your reasons why you choose to study in Canada. Here is a simple answer.

“Canada is a great country, large cultural heritage, great educational system and has produced unique and excellent scholars. Finally, Canada is relatively cheaper when compared to other countries in North America for studies”

7.) Who will sponsor you financially during your studies?

These particular questions will be regular questions both at the university interviews and at the embassy interview for your student visa. It is one of the most important questions throughout the course of your studying abroad even when you have arrived in the country and wish to renew your residence permit. Here is a simple answer if you are sponsoring yourself.

“I will be sponsoring myself for my undergraduate or master’s studies: I have made enough savings during my full-time work” but if you have a sponsor, here is a simple answer

” My sponsor is a pharmacist who works with the World Health Organization in my country and he would be sponsoring my education and living costs throughout my studies”

8.) Where do you see yourself in the next 8 years from now? and Why?

This answer should depend on your age and be positive. Here is a simple answer

” 8 years from now I see myself in a big technology company or having a family and working for a big multinational company as a senior staff”

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9.) What other college did you ponder before applying?

This is also a simple question, you don’t have to be scared of mentioning other colleges you considered. They just want to know the certain factors you considered in your choice of universities. Here is a simple answer

“ University Z was once my choice” but after a survey through their course descriptions and looking up their tuition fees, I compared it with your university and yours furnished me with a better fee with exactly what I wanted to study “

10.) What are your plans after graduation?

It is necessary, to be honest, and a bit ambitious about your future. You also have to be positive as well. Here is a simple answer

” I’m a lover of entrepreneurship and always dreamt of having my own company, but if I have the opportunity to work I will love to work for a multinational company with my qualifications”. Mentioning the companies you will love to work for is cool as well.

These are regular online admission interview questions and answers most scholars face through video interviews. You have no choice but to prepare…

Now that you have gone through this, I hope this helps you a lot but do not expect the questions and answers in these articles to be exact with the university questions because the university may update or make a few changes to their questions.

Best of luck…


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