Free Online UI/UX Design Courses with Certificates

Free Online UI/UX Design Courses

Interested in UI/UX design but unsure of where to begin? Check out our comparison of the top free online UI/UX design courses with certificates available right now.

UI/UX design is one of the most in-demand jobs in today’s modern world. The demand for UI/UX design has grown by more than 200% over the past three years, and it’s expected to grow by another 50% by 2024.

UI/UX design is a broad field that encompasses many different areas, including user experience design, front-end development, user research and testing, and more. If you have a passion for creating innovative products that improve people’s lives through technology, then UI/UX design is something you should consider as an option for your career.

Taking a course is one of the most excellent methods to learn about UI/UX design. Several online course platforms are offering free online UI/UX design courses today that will only require your time and attention and cost you nothing. You can find a course that covers the fundamentals if you’re a novice, and you can find a course that will advance your knowledge and abilities if you’re a mid- or senior-level UI/UX designer. You can additionally check out the Best Free Online Google Courses with Certification [Updated 2022].

Best Free Online UI/UX Design Courses with Certificates

To help you find a course that works best for you, we have put together a list of the best free online UI/UX design courses. We will first begin with the free online UX design courses and move over to the free online UI design courses.

Free Online UX Design Courses


Anyone interested in remaining current on what’s occurring in web design, regardless of skill level, should consider taking Hack Design’s course. Students receive a lecture about a different topic of design every week in their inboxes. The courses, which are chosen by professionals in the field, might include a resource list, a technique breakdown, an introduction to a design tool, or interactive material that will assist students to enhance their knowledge of design in ways that will improve their work in the field.

There is a heavy focus on various components of user experience and interaction design even though topics range widely and might include anything from user interface design to typography to front-end design. Students learn freely and at their own pace throughout the course, allowing them to focus solely on the subjects that interest them. On Hack Design’s website, the first 50 classes are presently viewable so prospective students may have a look and get a sense of what to anticipate if they join up.

Key Features

  • Each week, a single lesson is delivered to students’ email accounts.
  • Top designers select each lesson.
  • Lessons include a variety of web design topics and are particularly well suited for professionals in the field.

2. CareerFoundry’s UX Design Short Course

A variety of certificate programs are offered by CareerFoundry, and you can pay for them with a job guarantee. This short course, nevertheless, is free! It provides an introduction to the field to help you decide if user experience design is the right career for you. This self-paced course requires about 90 minutes per week to complete.

Due to the course’s adaptability and self-paced nature, students can finish the lessons whenever they can. Each session covers a new subject and lasts about 15 minutes. They all feature videos, reading materials, and brief exercises. It is made up of 6 daily lessons covering topics such as Tips for a UX portfolio, What is UX design? Career paths in UX, Core UX design skills and The UX design process.

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Key Features

  • There are six lessons in the course, which can be completed at the student’s own pace.
  • Includes a few quick hands-on activities to give students a feeling of what it’s like to work in the field.
  • Focuses on the UX employment market and the prospects therein.

3. Gymnasium’s UX Fundamentals

This is one of the free online UI/UX design courses offered on the online Gymnasium platform by staffing firm Aquent. It is intended for aspiring UX designers as well as web and UI designers who want to learn more about UX design. Users must have access to and be proficient in using a program like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Apple KeyNote to create basic drawings for assignments.

The six lessons in the course, which are taught by professionals in the field, give students an overview of user experience and cover topics like identifying user experience objectives, creating wireframes and prototypes, understanding how content is organized, using UX design patterns, and running usability tests. Each lesson comprises a few brief videos that briefly explain the subject before concluding with homework tasks and an optional assessment.

Additionally, students have access to an online chat forum where they can participate in discussions and get feedback from both their fellow students and teaching assistants. The course comes to an end with a final test, and students who score 85% or higher will receive a certificate.

Key Features

  • It takes about three hours to complete the course videos.
  • Students can post their assignments on an online forum to receive comments from teaching assistants.
  • Students are given a printable certificate if they get 85% on their final exam.

4. General Assembly’s Intro to UX Design

For everything from software engineering to data science, design to digital marketing, General Assembly offers full-time, flexible, and part-time bootcamps. They offer free, live online workshops that introduce these subjects in real-time. The Intro to UX Design class, which is offered live online, will guide you through the decision-making process that determines how users interact with digital products and explain why businesses require UX talent.

Additionally, it offers some fundamental tools so you may get a feel for what it might be like to work as a UX designer. Additionally, because the workshop is being live-streamed, you can ask any questions you may have regarding UX design as they arise.

Although this course isn’t comprehensive, it’s a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to quickly grasp the fundamentals of UX design. And it might be the only introduction you require to decide if you want to learn more about UX and if it is right for you.

Key Features

  • The program is a single, two-hour workshop that is streamed live.
  • introduces students to the fundamentals of UX with little effort
  • Learn from an expert in the field

5. Introduction to User Experience Principles and processes by the University of  Michigan  on Coursera

A variety of UX classes are available on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) site Coursera, which provides free classes on practically any subject you can imagine. The University of Michigan’s Introduction to User Experience Principles and Processes is among the finest for individuals seeking a full introduction to both UX design and UX research.

The course keeps a strong focus on the demands of the users while covering everything from conducting user interviews to sketching and creating UX design concepts. There are videos, readings, and practice tasks every week to make sure you have a complete comprehension of the subject matter. Additionally, this course is a part of a 6-course specialization in user experience research and design if you want to learn more.

Key Features

  • The course lasts six weeks and requires twelve hours to finish.
  • teaches the foundations of UX research and design
  • Students are given a shareable certificate upon completion.


A designer with 15 years of experience working for Fortune 500 businesses, Greg Rog founded the video learning platform offers courses on the most current technologies and tools to assist UI and UX Designers, both aspiring and experienced, in developing their talents. There are both free and paid video lessons available on this gorgeous website.

Both beginner and professional UX designers can take courses at This website is for you if you want to learn how to use particular tools used in the industry for UX design.

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Key Features

  • Consists of lots of helpful product designing content including the basics, the design workflow, UI design, and prototyping tools.
  • Lessons cover different aspects of design and are especially well suited for beginners and professionals.

7. Product Design Course by Google on Udacity

Google has been more successful than most other IT companies. For motivated beginners as well as mid-level UX specialists with a specific idea for a digital product, this online course on the MOOC platform Udacity is a fantastic option if you’ve ever wanted to know how they do it.

The course will teach you the fundamentals of UX and the associated field of product design while assisting you in developing and testing your product idea. This covers conducting UX research, producing user flows and low-fidelity mockups, as well as comprehending and interpreting KPIs for user engagement and traffic. The Google Design Sprint Process is also demonstrated in the course.

Key Features

  • The course has four classes and is completed in around two months.
  • UX experts offer examples from the real world and their insights.
  • The course is beneficial if you want to build a digital product idea or want to work as a product designer.

8. UX Writing Hub’s A Taste of UX Writing

The job of UX writer is relatively new in the UX industry. The UX Writing Hub’s free online introduction course is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn more about what a UX writer does. It is appropriate for both beginners and skilled UX experts who want to familiarize themselves with this emerging field of UX and write a realistic career path for them.

This is one of the best free online UI/UX design courses, it consists of eight short modules that include lessons and quizzes and it wraps up with a final exercise that brings everything together. All facets of UX writing are covered, including topics like writing user journeys, understanding microcopy, and developing a content style guide. You learn the fundamentals of how UX writing fits into the whole UX design process along the way, making sure you finish the course with a solid understanding of what UX writing comprises.

Key Features

  • Eight brief modules make up the course, which can be finished by the learner on their own time.
  • Each lesson focuses on a different component of writing for user experiences.
  • The course offers a detailed look at what it’s like to work as a UX writer in the real world.

Free Online UI Design Courses


CareerFoundary offer one of the best free online UI design courses. Practical, hands-on tutorials are the best approach to learning about UI design. The CareerFoundry free short course has you covered if you’re eager to do more than just learn about user interfaces. This recently revised course comprises five in-depth courses that cover everything a prospective UI designer needs to know about entering the field. The tutorials are delivered daily through email and are also accessible via a user-friendly dashboard.

It begins with an introduction to UI design and then develops your skills with subsequent lessons on wireframing, UI components, colour theory, typography, and even how to use Boolean operations to generate shapes. The emphasis on practical experience in this course is its best feature; as part of the lectures, users will learn how to design an app screen! Each session comes with a brief quiz that you can use to gauge your understanding of the material. Users who pass all of their quizzes with a score of 70% or above are eligible for a 5% discount on the entire UI Design Program.


The largest online course catalogue in the world, Udemy offers 150,000 free and paid courses. 13,000 students have registered in its highly regarded Fundamentals of UI Design Interface course, which has a 4.2 out of 5. The three-and-a-half-hour video course provides a hands-on introduction to fundamental user interface skills like design concepts, colour theory, and typography.

Students will also get a taste of how to utilize Adobe XD, a user experience design tool. It’s suitable for people with no prior design experience, however, those with more knowledge might benefit from slightly more advanced courses. Although the course is free to take, you must pay for the complete paid version if you want a certificate or the opportunity to contact the instructors.

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Introduction to UI Design is one of the best free online UI/UX design courses and it is offered by the University of Minnesota. This course explores the fundamentals of UI design, common design scenarios, psychological factors of UI design, and more. Due to the case study approach used in the curriculum, students will be able to gain knowledge from commercial systems they may already be familiar with.

According to Coursera, the entire course—which consists of 33 videos and readings—should be finished in about 14 hours. Keep in mind that the only way to receive this course for free is to audit it. The majority of the course materials will be accessible without charge, but you won’t be able to turn in some assignments or receive grades for your work.


Paul Boag’s Psychology of UI Design, presented by the Balsamiq Wireframing Academy, is the ideal course for you if you’re interested in the psychology behind the best user interface designs. Investigating the “why” behind foundational UI design ideas is the focus of this 22-video series. On topics like “How to make things feel easier,” “How users make decisions,” and “Picking the right moment to ask your users to act,” Paul provides additional information. Aspiring UI designers will be better equipped to create frictionless design interfaces that enable users to complete the tasks they set out to perform by understanding how the brain processes information and makes decisions. You can either proceed through the entire three-hour series at your leisure or skip to the sections that most interest you.

5. Hackdesign

Hackdesign provides one of the best free online UI/UX design courses. You will receive lessons in your email from Hackdesign every week. Some of the best designers in the world who have trained at organizations like TED, Tech Crunch, and Airbnb developed the lessons. You’ll have access to design challenges, tools, and other useful resources in addition to the weekly sessions.

6. Fundamental UI Design with InVision

Some of the biggest brands in the world use the digital platform InVision for product design. Fundamental UI Design, its free email-based course, does not call for an InVision account. Upon submitting your email address, you will instantly start receiving one thorough tutorial every week (for a total of five), covering topics like:

The design process, Hierarchy,  Information Architecture,  Visual style, Responsive design,  Designing user behaviours,  Control and navigation design.

This course, written by renowned UI author and consultant Jane Portman, is excellent for those who prefer to learn through reading rather than watching videos. Even though it’s small, each chapter is jam-packed with information!


This is one of the best free online UI design courses. Anthony Conboy, a multi-award-winning UX designer, explains the fundamentals of UI design in an accessible YouTube tutorial. He mentions foundational concepts like:

  • “UI language” – a set of elements that are uniform and that you may reuse in templates, such as buttons and forms, to enable consistency
  • Design hierarchy— thinking about what you want people to accomplish and including a clear call to action—which incorporates some UX thinking (CTA)
  • Considerations for various displays while evaluating responsiveness
  • Planning for multiple ways that consumers will interact with the information for those with disabilities
  • Sentiment: The feeling you want users to experience.


You have it now! 15 amazing free online UI/UX design courses. The majority of them will just take a few days to finish and will give you a glimpse into the field, resources, and best practices of UI/UX design. Why not try out a few of these courses if you’re ready to dig into learning more about UI/UX design? You might discover that UI/UX design is the ideal job choice for you. You can also check out the Best Free Web Development Courses & certifications.


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